When I go to any of the modern reformed churches I see doxology and worship that are man-centered instead of being God-centered… the worships are about my needs my suffering my wants instead of focusing on God’s will and God’s glory, those needs pleaded should be a footnote not the main focus of the worship,  if those needs are grounded because  God wills it, and not man asking, and perhaps sometimes, not always but sometimes even the opposite of what is asked it would be more beneficial to the soul of sinners.

The modern Gospel today, foster peace, unity and  fraternal spirit, the human race is regarded as one big  “brotherhood.” It does not seek to drag down the natural man, but it wants to improve and uplift him. It advocates education and cultivation and appeals to “the best that is within us.” It aims to make the world a comfortable and congenial habitat where Christ’s absence from it will not be felt; nor will it be needed.

The modern Gospel it endeavors to occupy man so much with this world that he has no time or inclination to think of the world to come. It promotes the principles of self-sacrifice, charity, and benevolence, and teaches us to live for the good of others and to be kind to all. It appeals strongly to the carnal mind and is popular with the masses because it ignores the solemn fact that by nature man is a fallen creature, alienated from the life of God, and he is dead in trespasses and sins and that his only hope lies in being born again.

In opposition to the Gospel of Christ, the false modern gospel preached today in the vast majority of churches, sadly to say, it promotes justification before God on the ground of human merits. “Be good and do good”; but it fails to recognize that in the flesh there “dwelleth no good thing.” It announces salvation by character, which reverses the order of God’s Word—because the character is actually the fruit of, salvation and not the other way around. It has many,  many ramifications and organizations such as  “Reform movements,” “Christian  Leagues,” “Ethical culture societies,” “Peace Congresses” those are all employed (perhaps even unconsciously by sometimes ) in proclaiming this false gospel. Now, this false gospel is none other than the gospel of Satan— WHERE  salvation by works is substituted for the atonement of Christ, where social purity is a substitute for individual regeneration, and politics and philosophy are a substitute  for doctrine and godliness. The cultivation of the old man is considered more “practical” than the creation of a new man in Christ Jesus; universal peace is SEARCHED after,  apart from the return of the Prince of Peace.  Which is Christ?

So the apostles of Satan are for the most part ordained ministers.

The great majority of those who occupy our modern pulpits are no longer engaged in presenting the fundamentals of the Christian Faith, but have turned aside from the Truth and have given hears to fables.

Instead of magnifying the enormity of sin and setting forth its eternal consequences, they minimize it by declaring that sin is mere ignorance and the absence of good. Instead of warning to “flee from the wrath to come” they make God a liar by declaring that He is too loving and merciful to send any of His own creatures to eternal torment. Instead of declaring that “without shedding of blood is no remission of sin,” they merely hold up Christ as the great Exemplar and exhort their followers  to “follow in His steps.” Which they can’t.

In addition today hundreds of churches are without a leader who faithfully declares the oracles of God and presents His way of salvation, we also have to face the additional fact that the majority of people in those churches are very unlikely to learn the Truth for themselves. The Bible is not expounded in the pulpit and it is not read in the pew, even less in the homes.  So the majority will not search for themselves, are left at the mercy of those whom they pay to teach them; many of which expound economic and social problems rather than expounding the Oracles of God.

This “way” which ends in “death” is the Devil’s Delusion— or the gospel of Satan—a way of salvation based on human attainment. It is a way which “seemeth right,” that is to say, it is presented in such a plausible way that it appeals to the natural man: it is also set forth in such a subtle and attractive manner, that it commends itself to the intelligence of the hearers. It uses religious terminology, sometimes appeals to the Bible for its support (whenever that support suits the purpose), holds up before men lofty ideals, proclaimed mainly by those who have graduated today from our Theological institutions, Countless multitudes  in the pews are deceived by this . Heresy is not so much the total denial of the truth as a perversion of it. That is why half a lie is always more dangerous than a complete repudiation of the true.

So when the Father of lies Satan enters the pulpit it is not his custom to flatly deny the fundamental truths of Christianity, rather does he acknowledge them, and then proceed to give an erroneous interpretation and a false application of those truths. For example he would not be too foolish as to boldly announce his disbelief in God, in a personal God; he takes His existence for granted and then gives a false description of His character. He announces that God is the spiritual Father of all men when the Scriptures plainly tell us that “we are the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus”. (Gal.3:26-John 1:12) Further, he declares that God is far too merciful to ever send any member of the human race to eternal torment: Hell, when God Himself has said, “Whosoever was not found written in the book of life, was cast into the Lake of Fire” (Rev.20:15) Again; Satan would not be so foolish as to ignore the central figure of human history—the Lord Jesus Christ; on the contrary, his gospel acknowledges Him to be the best man that ever lived. Attention is drawn to His deeds of compassion, works of mercy, the beauty of His character and the sublimity of His teaching. His life is eulogized, but His vicarious Death is ignored; the all-important atoning work of the cross is never mentioned, His bodily resurrection from the grave is regarded as one of the credulities of an age past no more relevant. It is a bloodless gospel and presents a cross-less Christ, who is received not as God manifest in the flesh, but merely as the Ideal Man.

We have to ask a very important question: where do you stand? Are you in the way that “seemeth right,” but which lead to death; or, are you in the Narrow Way which leadeth unto life? Has the love of Christ entered in your heart has hatred and horror of sin all that is displeasing to Him created in your heart?

Its necessary to examine  whether we are in the faith or not, we have to measure ourselves by the Word of God; because the word of God is the truth and the only truth and see if we have build a house on a solid foundation or if we have building on the sand. The solid foundation is Christ Jesus. Amen.

10 Indictments Against the Modern Church in America – Paul Washer”
It is impossible to leave out any portion of God’s truth without spoiling the whole. That preaching is sadly defective which dwells exclusively on the mercies of God and the joys of heaven, and never sets forth the terrors of the Lord and the miseries of hell. It may be popular, but it is not scriptural; it may amuse and gratify, but it will not save. Give me the preaching which keeps back nothing that God has revealed. J.C.Ryle

1) Practical Denial of Sufficiency of Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:15-17, Isaiah 8:19

Activity of church based on Word of God not social sciences that were created as a form of  protest against the Word of God, why consult the dead in behalf of the living?

We do not need to send out questionnaires to carnal people to   discover what kind of church they will attend.

2) Ignorance of God: Jeremiah 9:23-24, Psalms 50:21-22 , 1 Corinthians 15:34

They have made a God of their own mind and love what they have made.

Self help books exist because of ignorance of God. Eternal life is to know God.

There is no fear of God,  because there is no knowledge of the Lord among us.

3) A failure to address man malady (sin): Jeremiah 6:14

Man has to know self, before he can surrender self over to God.

We esteem ourselves more then we esteem God.

4) Lack of knowledge of the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ. Redemption, Propitiation.

Gospel reductionism (has no power).

Christ was able to redeem us because he was crushed under the wrath (justice) of God.

The Nature of God vs nature of man: if God is just he cannot forgive you (man).

5) Ignorance of the Doctrine of Regeneration: Ezekiel 37:1-14, 2 Corinthians 13:5, Exodus 34:6-7-8

“Repent and believe the Gospel” not who would ask me into their heart I see that hand…Evangelical Preacher’s fault. Unbiblical invitation /sinner’s prayer.

Evangelism begins with the nature of God- who is God, the full counsel of who God is.

Work of God by His power, regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.

Make your calling and election sure. Ye must be Born Again.

Real evidence of the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in your life, if any man is in Christ is a new creature. Ongoing fruits in your life. The sin you once loved you now hate and want to run from it.

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life?! Not Biblical Evangelism.

6) Ignorance regarding the nature of the Church: Jeremiah 31:31-32-33, Jeremiah 32:38-39

Jesus gives his life for the Church.

Fear of God fruit of Regeneration.

7) Lack of Compassionate  Church Discipline:  Matthew  18:15-20

8) Holiness= Separation (silence on separation): Romans 12:1, Hebrew 12:14 (do we really  believe it?), 2 Corinthians 6:14-15-17

If God truly converts a man he will be continuing working in that man: teaching, blessing, admonitions, discipline. The work began will be finished. If there is no work in Holiness God is not working in your life and you are not a child of His.

Jacob and  Esau  Jacob I have loved him and Esau I have hated…

Both receive a blessing, Esau was allowed to run wild, Jacob was constantly lovingly disciplined by God (…beaten almost every day of his life).

Jesus on judging: you will know them by their fruits: Matthew 7:15-20

If you have given Jesus your heart  (the core of your being) He will have your body, your body will be affected by it.

What do we watch, hear? How do we dress?

9) The Family: Judges 17:6, Genesis  18:19, Romans 12:2

Psychology and Sociology the whims and lies of this age   have replaced Scriptures.

10) Departure from the Faith: 1Timothy 4:1-6-7-8, 1Timothy  4:15-16

We must follow the doctrine we learned

Discipline: to Prayer, and  systematic reading of Scriptures, speech, company we keep.

Have Eternity not your best life now stamped on your forehead.

If you are a child of the King nothing in this earth will satisfied you.