On Sin in Believers . John Wesley
The Master-Key, Opening the Gate of Heaven . Spurgeon
 On Conscience . John Wesley
Charlie Coulson The Drummer Boy
God's Sovereignty in the Salvation of Men (Romans 9:18)Jonathan Edwards
The cure of evil speaking John Wesley 
GOD IN CHRIST Ralph Erskine
In the Footprints of the Lamb G. Steinberger
Christlike Husband   William Gouge
It Is Well    John Hill
Charity and its Fruits  Jonathan Edwards 
The Peace of God   Spurgeon 
Jacob and Esau  Spurgeon 
Human Inability Spurgeon 
Guide to Godly Disputation J. Newton 
Objections to God's sovereignty answered  A.W.Pink
In The Footprint of The Lamb G. Steinberger
The Necessity of Self-Examination Jonathan Edwards
The Kingdom of God Hidden and Revealed J.C. Philpot
The Vanity of Thoughts Thomas Goodwin
Treatise on Grace Jonathan Edwards
Procrastination Jonathan Edwards
The way of Holiness Jonathan Edwards
Heaven, A World of Love Jonathan Edwards
The Necessity of Regeneration Stephen Charnock
The nature of enthusiasm John Wesley 
The sermon on the mount discourse ten John Wesley 
 The sermon on the mount discourse nine John Wesley 
How To Know If You Are A Real Christian  Jonathan Edward
The Attributes of God A.W.Pink
The Great Assize John Wesley
The Expulsive Power of a New Affection Thomas Chalmers
The Word our only Rule  John Calvin
The Existence and  Attributes of God by S. Charnock
Calvin on Self Denial  John Calvin
Meekness and Mercy  John Calvin
Directions ...riches  worldly cares R.Baxter
Christian Behavior J.Bunyan
Prayer J.Bunyan
Roman Catholicism Watson
J.Bunyan's Dying Sayings
The Saints' Everlasting Rest Baxter
A Living Hope of the Hereafter MLJ
Free will a slave  Spurgeon
Keeping the Heart John Flavel
Christ Altogether Lovely John Flavel
A Godly Man is a Humble Man Thomas Watson
The Only Way Martin Lloyd Jones
Heresies Martin Lloyd Jones
Undiscerned Spiritual pride Jonathan Edwards
Sinners in the hand... Jonathan Edwards
Proverbs 31:10-31 Mac Arthur
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Christ Crucified Whitefield
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Intercession  Every Christian 's Duty Whitefield
Happiness is ... Mac Arthur
Blasphemy Against the Spirit Piper
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Beatitudes Heart Purity Watson
Do You Love Me? - Spurgeon
Time Shortness Watson
Calvin John 3:16
Profane Cursing and Swearing  Whitefield
Almost a Christian  Whitefield
Marks of a True Conversionv Whitefield
Having Received the Holy Ghost Whitefield
God's Way of Holiness  Bonar
Borne Again Boston
Salvation by Faith   Wesley
Awake, Thou That Sleepest  Wesley
The Almost Christian     Wesley
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The New Birth   Wesley
On pleasing All men   Wesley
Free Will Spurgeon
...under the Smarting Rod T.Brooks
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Bondage of the Will Luther